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This is a podcast for you if you need more from a conversation than a simple text or voice memo can give, but you never ACTUALLY have the time to talk to anyone. Come eavesdrop on best friends Autumn and Ashley as they laugh their way through adulthood, make one another feel better about their anxiety, sort through crazy pop culture happenings, and dish on everyday life drama. 


episode 1: going commando

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The ladies jumped right in to the topic of UNDER or OVER rated life events. Is building a house underrated, for example? Autumn and Ashley think so! Multiple scenarios from first kisses to big weddings get mulled over in this latest episode, and some of your listener feedback from Instagram was included as well. Listen […]

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Episode 4 is all about the craziness unfolding while Mercury is in retrograde! This astrological event is happening from May 10 to June 3rd of 2022, and experts in the field say this is poised to rock your world – especially since it’s timed with eclipses as well! You can listen to the full episode […]

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Emotional trigger warning: this episode dives into all things motherhood in honor of Mother’s Day week. And while this is a happy time for many, we know it’s also very painful for those who have experienced loss, infertility, estrangement, and more. Our hearts are with you and we understand if you need to skip this […]

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Ashley and Autumn

Best friends separated by time zones but talking their way through the distance.

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listening to this podcast is a necessity

I never get to spend time with women my age and listening to this podcast is a necessity because it gives me that FRIEND TIME that my life is most definitely missing. Autumn and Ashley are incredible!

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